Flights to Somaliland

Hey everyone,

Just in Brussels and thought I’d give you a quick update. I got a confirmation from the hotel I booked, so it looks like I’ll have someone to pick me up at the airport in Ethiopia when I arrive (I’ll have my name on a sign) and then I have a feeling I am going to be dead and sleep for the two days I’m there. I also just got an e-mail from Taylor Barr, who said he would come and pick me up at the airport on Monday, so it looks like I’m pretty well set up.

The flight was good. Jaime took me to the airport, so it was really easy managing all my stuff. I felt a little claustrophobic because I didn’t get an isle seat (even though there were some open) but I managed to almost sleep a bunch of the flight away. Brussels sort of sucks. Its expensive and people haven’t been that helpful. I spent the first 3 hours here trying to find a wi-fi spot (I’m in a bourgeois cafe with a bunch of EU officials). Mostly its that I’m completely exhausted (6am right now your time) but its very relieving to know that most of the rest of my trip is set up.

Large market square in Brussels

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