Settling In

So you’ll have to sort of ignore the dates, because I post much later than the events.

After less then a week of teaching (and very few students in each class) we found out that the schedule for the summer hadn’t been as well organized as we’d been told. In fact, nearly all of our students had one conflict or another that prevented them from coming, despite needing to come in order to proceed in their program of study.

The up-shot of this is that we got a week off to sort of explore Hargeisa, visit the market regularly and get to know one another. While doing a couple of day trips including: a long hike to a couple giant hills/mountains we saw in the distance (with our faithful friend Bashi and his AK for a guide), and a trip to Las Gaal, which boasts some of the oldest cave paintings on the continent (and therefore the world) some of which are still in immaculate condition (more on that in a future post).

The downside of all of this is that we were beginning to realize that things are as simple as ‘arrive and teach’ and this presages a number of things that would go wrong, which I’ll mention in a future post. Given that there are only a couple of people reading this, I’ll go ahead and post the pictures of the hike, since everyone only cares about pictures anyway in our media saturated society.

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