France A

Here is the first part of my trip to France. The rest and Ethiopia are saved on a different USB key, but now that I’m in a new house with faster internet I can upload more photos (by the way – I’m going to try to add photos to previous posts that got skipped if any of the possibly several people want to check out previous posts again). I tried to keep a sense of chronological order.
The first two photos are from a pro-democracy rally against Mubarik in front of the French Parliament where, luckily for me, I was when they announced that he had stepped down. People went nuts and were hugging and crying (a lot of Egyptians who had left because of the political situation there). The photos don’t really capture what it was like, but I put up the best two.
Next, there are a bunch of a hike I did in the south of France where Elise’s aunt and uncle live. It was super nice (as you can see). The rest of the photos are Marseilles or Aix en Provence.

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